No, really, what is a designologue?
A designologue is a conversation between two designers in the medium they understand best - design. Comparisons can be made to Coudal's Photoshop Tennis where two designers alternately modify the others image using Photoshop. But instead of one designer versus another, the two converse. No winners. No losers. Just good conversation.

How does the challenge process work?
1. You must be a registerd member [registration is free, of course] and your conspirator [the designer you want to challenge] must be as well.

2. You issue a challenge by using the challenge form. An email is sent to the member you challenge notifying them of the challenge. Also included in this email is a link to accept/decline with a unique id and password required to accept/decline the challenge. This is not your username and password!

3. If they accept you will be notified via email. After two weeks the challenge expires and you can challenge them again. If they decline you will not be notified because they have two weeks from the issue date to change their mind and accept.

How do I upload my images?
When the member you challenged accepts, or your conspirator uploads the next image you will be notified via email. Included in this email is a link to upload with a unique id and password required to upload your next image.

This password is different for each image so that opponents don't overwrite each others pieces or take advantage of my server space, and to make it more difficult for a malicious person to hack an individual designologue. This is not your username and password!

Don't forget the 1px black border on the thumbnail!

How do I download my conspirators image?
Included in the upload notification email should be the url of your match. Visit your match, find the most recent image, then right click and "Save as..." or "Download Image to Disk" or simply drag the image from the browser window onto your desktop.

Why haven't you responded to the email i sent you regarding...?
Don't expect an immediate response as I am only one person. Usually I will address your problem/comment ASAP and no amount of resending or complaining in the forums will speed up the process.